We Stopped Fighting for Equality in Exchange for Desegregation!

It is 2017 and African Americans are still fighting for equality.  What went wrong?  The collective community was progressive and advanced our cause during the civil rights movement.  Separate but equal was challenged and we deserved to sit anywhere we wanted on the bus.  If we worked for NASA, we should not have to run to a bathroom far away from our workstation and surely, we should have the opportunity drink from the same water fountains, get on the same elevators and have the rights and privileges afforded White Americans. Today we can spend our money anywhere we desire because you can’t keep us out of an establishment based solely on the color of our skin.

But are we equal?  Do we have comparable status, rights and opportunities as our counterparts?  Are the economic resources fairly distributed in the urban school districts as they are in the suburban districts?  Does the judicial system penalize black and brown bodies in a comparable manner to their white counterparts for the same crime?  If two people with the same employment credentials were looking to be hired, does the name of the prospective employee disqualify a man named Jack as much as it would a man name Raynard?  Are we truly equal?  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. declared in his I Have A Dream speech, “When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” He goes on to say, “It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check which has come back marked ‘insufficient funds’.”  In 2017, I humbly submit that the fight for equality is not over yet and the check is still insufficient.

Somehow the fight for equality had been overshadowed by the quest for desegregation and today we are still paying the price for wanting to be included in a society hell bent on keeping us marginalized and oppressed.  Desegregation is the elimination of the laws, customs, or practices under which Black Americans were prohibited from integrating into what had been deemed off limits previously, yet now our money is wanted, but our presence is still not desired. Separate but equal didn’t work, but desegregation has only contributed to the increase of the wealth gap between White Americans and African Americans. Why?  Because our money is welcomed in places we are not and we have been hoodwinked into thinking we have finally arrived.  Arrived where?

Nielson completed a study titled Resilient, Receptive and Relevant where they cite, “Black buying power continues to increase, rising from its current $1 trillion level to a forecasted $1.3 trillion by 2017. Black buying power has seen an 86 percent increase since 2000 and accounts for 8.7 percent of the nation’s total. The growth in black buying power stems in part from an increase in the number of black-owned businesses as well as from an uptick in education among the African-American population, which leads to higher incomes. Despite historically high unemployment rates, Blacks have shown resiliency in their ability to persevere as consumers.”  Yet the wealth gap is historically disproportionate with the African American community lagging dangerously behind. Desegregation permitted us to take our resources and spread them in communities that will take whatever we offer with giving nothing in return.

We are not finished fighting for equality.  This is much work to be done and we can no longer look to anyone else to give us that which we must demand with our economic power.  It is time that we finish what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights movement started.  Power is not freely given, it must be demanded and in the words of W.E.B. DuBois, it is time for this generation of trailblazers to rise up and lead.  He said, “The Talented Tenth of the Negro race must be made leaders of thought and missionaries of culture among their people.”  We cannot sell our collective community short lining the pockets of people who don’t want us to have equal opportunity.  We must not allow ourselves to be stripped of our resources, educated by people who have no regard for us and desire to change our history and ignored when injustice rears its ugly head.  The Talented Tenth of the Negro race must educate and empower, cry loud and advance our agenda.  The Talented Tenth of the Negro race must be willing to place their black and brown bodies on the line for equality sake.  Desegregation did not advance our cause, it robbed our community.  Today, we must fight for equality!


Man of Courage

To my African American brothers-I love and appreciate you. Know your worth. I pray this will bless you and encourage your spirit!

Personal Prayer For All Occasions


It’s my birthday! January 29 at 12:20 am, 43 years ago I entered into this world. So for 43 hours beginning at 12:20 am, I want to gift to you the best gift I ever received-the chance to commune with God. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/402451. Share it with the ones you love!

Personal Prayer For All Occasions is a collection of prayers that allows a believer to draw closer to God. This diverse prayer aim connects the reader to God by praying and reflecting upon Scripture. It opens up dialogue that will create a greater intimacy with the Father.

I Need Your Help!

I recognize that throughout the years, I have been fortunate enough to exist in this world and have a profound impact on people.  I do not take for granted the mere fact that you are reading this post.  I want to share from my heart as I solicit your prayers, commitment of time and yes, your financial support.  I have spent 9 years behind the prison walls teaching, ministering, encouraging and doing the work of the ministry. If you know me, you know God has favored me with tangible results, fruit if you will, for this work. Well, I have desired to open the Dare 2 Dream Institute for at least 5 years. It will be an entrepreneurial workshop for people who were recently released from custody. IF they have acquired a skill while in the system and they have a sound idea, which we will determine through the workshops, I want to offer them non-refundable grants paid directly to the debtors so they can have seed money to be gainfully employed.  The program has been tested and proven to be a successful model.  It was even profiled in Black Enterprise in 2005.  I have been able to work on The Ultimate Plan through the philanthropic work of The Power of Gospel Ministries.

The members of the Power of Gospel team have been wonderful in allowing me to pursue this initiative during the holiday season while we are planning our 11th annual toy giveaway.  But the ability to pursue the opportunity comes at a price and I need YOUR help. This year, we have increased our fundraising goals to compensate for our annual toy giveaway and the start-up funds to have our first workshop in 2014.  The toy giveaway will be in four locations that are Jersey City, Plainfield, Carteret and Newark. The primary partners in each of the communities are Pastor Vincent Thomas in Jersey City, De Lacy Davis in Newark, NJ, Annette Campbell in Carteret, NJ and David Holmes in Plainfield, NJ. Several establishments already on board are Gainey Girl Boutique, Stranzz Beauty Supply, A Way Out Productions, Diamonds Tutoring Center, Black Cops Against Police Brutality, and Harvest Wealth Media Group.   To achieve our goals, we need to raise an estimated $25,000. 

When I started in the prison system, I remember having a concert at Rose of Sharon Church in Plainfield, NJ for seed money. It was people like Carlos  and Vashti Encarnacion who helped me. Pastor Paul and Sharon Dean showed me that people will invest in ministry-she made me cry with her offer of $1000 toward the ministry, because being in deep water with simply a vision can be scary. The Deans have remained great friends in ministry to date and they have served as distribution centers in the past. Many facebook friends have participated in our annual fundraisers, which is why it is always successful. This year, we are performing Love is Respect on Friday evening November 22, 2013 at Crossroads Theatre located at 17 Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick, NJ. In addition, we are having a “Donor Mixer” designed for contributors and small business owners who are willing to sponsor. If you have a great relationship with a hip hop artist or a pastor who has spent time behind walls-let me know. If you have an address of a person of influence and I can use your name, please share it. If you are willing to donate a kindle, an IPad or something we can raffle, we’ll take it. Please buy a ticket, be a sponsor or be willing to share my vision and my sponsor package with someone else. I know God has given me a message for this population. So if you will help me, I will be eternally grateful. I know I cannot have if I do not ask…Thank you in advance!

Take a moment to view the website www.thepowerofgospel.com!

Wake Up Black America

Black America Wake Up!  Now is not the time to be disengaged.  Now is not the time to lay our problems at the feet of someone else.  Now is not the time to complain that what you do won’t matter anyway.  Now is not the time for excuses.  Today is the day your race needs you, begs of you, beseech you to get involved.  You may ask how and what could you do?  I humbly submit, you can show up, you can care, you can correct others, you can hold your friends accountable for their actions, you can make a difference.

Let me explain what is happening to us.  We have been literally thrown back to the back of the bus.  Yes, it’s that dramatic!  The Supreme Court ruling has affirmed that our voice doesn’t matter, we don’t count and the limited amount of resources that we had access to are no longer required.  Now if we had received equal measure for the 500+ years of enslavement, the 100+ years of minimal support in the recent decade, perhaps we would have a fighting economic chance to ensure that we are not unfairly targeted.

But look around you.  Are you satisfied with the educational system in your community?  Are you okay with being stopped because you are black?  Is the fact that the media has successfully “branded” us as dangerous, inept and an overall problem okay with you?  Statistically white on white crime is just as much of a problem as black on black crime-do you hear it being reported that way?  Currently black people are getting prison sentences that are in no way comparable to our counterparts.  When a black person does commit a crime, they are a monster but when a different culture commits something more heinous, they are mentally sick.  The families are broken-our fault, yes but outside forces have contributed to the breach in our communities.  We had the hip hop culture as our source of pride and opportunity to overcome all odds.  But now, we don’t even own it anymore.  For every millionaire, there are billionaires who act as puppet masters pulling our strings.  For every baller, there are decision makers allocating our dollars and we end of destitute at the end of our careers.  For every successful business person, we run right out of the community the minute we get a few pennies.

What can YOU do?  You can pay attention, you can get involved.  Start by reconnecting with your families. What you don’t know, learn.  Even if your baby momma or baby daddy hates your guts, try to establish relationships with your children because they need you.  Go meet a teacher and let them  know they have your support in the development of your children.  Find the money to get the proper ID because you will need it to vote.  Start now because EVERY election is an important election.  Take another child and mentor them because we all have something of value to contribute to the welfare of others.  Fill in the gap when no one else will.  Take your gift and lend it to a community organization , to a church, to a charity.  Learn about your heritage.  Raise your standards and most importantly, respect yourselves so that when WE that are on the battlefield for YOU, demand respect from the world, we have a fighting chance.

Wake up Black America, it’s time to fight back.  Metaphorically, if you don’t want to see yourself on the boat before you realized you’re back in slavery, you must be able to see that the ship is pulling in the docks.

This Time

The last time I found myself in the place of despair, with my back against the wall feeling as if I didn’t have a way of escape, I remembered praying, “Lord, if you help me this time, I promise I won’t ever find myself back in this place.” I pleaded that the last time had extenuating circumstances that caused me to fall in sin. My faith was being stretched beyond the realm of possibility, my health was failing, my money was funny, my shoes were too tight, my friends didn’t care, my family didn’t love me, the boss didn’t understand…my excuse level was off the changes. You see, the last time was the wrong time to test me because my mind wasn’t right.

But this time will be different.This time I will hold on in spite of whatever challenges the enemy throws my way.  This time, I will pray more, fast more, have more faith, trust God more-this time I won’t give up and I won’t cave in.  This time I will put on the full armor of God and this time I will not go down without a fight.  This time I realize I need You in every area of my life and I need You to be in total control of my destiny.  This time I want to pursue my destiny at all costs because I am victorious.  I’m stronger, I’m more mature and this time I know you will never leave me in the heat of the battle.

The next time you say this time I’m going to get it right with my walk with the Lord, remember that the last time you strayed, you promised the same thing.  However, this time I want you to understand there may not be a next time so let this time be the last time you set God aside because things are not working out the way you intended.  Let this time be the last time you give up on God.  Let this time be the last time you forsake Him.  Let this time be the time in which you declare, “I’m here Lord and I’m not going anywhere.”

Dare 2 Dream Pt. 1

Don’t allow someone to stop you from pursuing your dreams, even if you suffered setbacks that have had devastating consequences.

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